Garden Maintenance represents an important aspect of the NPGC. We are a working group dedicated to making New Paltz beautiful. All active members help in this work effort.
(Associates are welcome also!) Mark your calendars and contact partners in advance to insure coverage. 
New Paltz Garden Club
beautifying our community since 1946
Thruway Planters

Main & Chestnut Garden

In order to avoid conflicts, please mark your calendar ASAP.
**Contact your work partner in advance to arrange a convenient time to meet. If you are unable to work your scheduled time, call another committee member to switch places and notify Shelly or Marilyn. 
** Continued watering during dry periods, especially during July & Aug., is imperative for the success of a beautiful garden.** 
Please call Shelly or Marilyn with any concerns.

Magnolia Garden

Schedule being created.

The first month is crucial for the success of the garden. Deep
watering is necessary in the beginning to establish roots.
Deadheading, weeding, and raking must go on during the entire season. If you are unable to work your scheduled time, switch with another member & notify Kathy. Be sure to plan working times with your partners in advance.

The New Paltz Garden Club has proudly planted and maintained tubs at the New York State Thruway Entrance for over 40 years. Because of the newly installed no contact Thruway tollbooths we no longer have room for our planters. Many thanks to Wallkill View Farm for contributing the plant material each year and to the many garden club volunteers, who planted watered and pruned the tubs to maintain their beauty.